Endaoment Showdaon Design Project

A fundraising competition for philanthropy in the crypto space.


Th goal of this design project was to design a community-focused fundraising competition for Endaoment, a crypto project that lets users donate crypto to over 15,000 nonprofits.

The Result

A fundraising competition experience for their website.
Link to Figma Prototype

Research Phase

In this research phase, my client an I wanted to know what motivates crypto holders to give charitably and how to make them excited about giving to create a  fun and engaging fundraising competition.

Survey Results Findings

A short survey was sent out to groups of crypto holders.
  1. The main reason respondents give to charity is because they want to help others.
  2. Respondents were more motivated to give collectively than to give individually.
  3. Giving to charity to lessen tax burden interested 43% of respondents.

User Research Findings

Four user research interviews were conducted to understand what motivates and engages crypto holders when giving to charity.
  1. The main reason participants give to charity is to do good or make the world a better place.
  2. When giving, participants are passionate about giving to a charities that represent a larger cause.
  3. Participants often give when asked by someone they know and find giving most fun.

Crypto Personas

This fundraising competition is focused on letting crypto organizations called DAOs (decentralize autonomous organizations) to give together. Since the crypto community has varying involvement and understanding of DAOs. Based on design research, I identified three personas for this project.

Design Phase

In this design phase, I had to think creatively to design a crypto experience despite the ability to pull from other experiences since crypto philanthropy is such a new space.

0xCarrie Storyboard and User Flow

0xCarrie is an anon DAO contributor who wants to set her DAO up for the fundraising competition. The focus on this user flow was to identify the shortest user experience to let a DAO set up a charitable community fund with Endaoment.

Trevor Storyboard and User Flow

This flow focuses on Trevor, a DAO token holder an the process he would have to take to get his DAO set up with a charitable community fund for his DAO.

Bobby Storyboard and User Flow

In this flow, Bobby a crypto trader who isn't too familiar with DAOs, navigates the Showdaon leaderboard to make a donation towards that resonates with him.
The main challenge when designing this project was to create an intuitive experience despite the complexity of crypto transfers and nonprofit tax deductions.


In these wireframes, I lay out a leaderboard design with clear ways to donate, learn about the competition, add a fund to the DAO and share the competition.
Figma Link

Usability Test Findings

Key findings from four usabilities tests:
  1. The most notable improvement from tests was to make the prize money and competition deadline more prominent to make the contest more intuitive.
  2. The "How it Works" page was too text heavy and needed to be easier to digest.
  3. The pop-up on the home page for fund pages needed to be more prominent and the "learn more" button needed to be more visible.